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Current Version: 4.3
The current version of AttendView is 4.3. Read about the new features of this version below. A 30-day free-trial is availble. download.

How do I know what version I have?
To see the version number from AttendView Clock, right-click on the tile bar and select About. Or, from AttendView Tools, select About from the Help menu.

AttendView 4.3 Changes

Supports Windows Vista.

The AV Tools and AV Clock are combined into one application.

Double-click on an employee to edit their time data.

Right-click on an employee to create a report for that employee or to edit the employee settings.

Database path can be obtained from the server.  The database can be moved or renamed without needing to reconfigure the clients.

When unable to connect with the server, a connection status is displayed with options to retry, configure connection, or troubleshoot.


AttendView 4.1 Changes

The click in/out type was corrected. It was working correctly only if both clock code and Employee Number was selected.

The start of week was corrected so that total hours displayed on for the week are correct for starting days other than Monday.

The change job button on the AttendView Clock was corrected so that it displays the change job selection.

The error message that is displayed when the client is out of sync with the server by more than 13 hours is more descriptive, and explains that the time on the client needs to be corrected.

The update database utility gives the user a chance to enter the database password when updating a database from 3.6 or earlier version.


AttendView 4.0 Changes

New client server model
The AttendView server provides status to the AttendView Clock clients and receives clock in/out requests.

Clock In/Out over the internet
AttendView Clock can now connect over the internet to monitor employees or clock in and out.

Low bandwidth requirement
AVClock can even be used over a dialup connection

Deters Cheating
The chance of employees cheating is reduced because the clock in/out is performed by the server

Automatic Database Backup, Purge and Compress
The AttendView server can be configured to periodically backup, purge and compress the employee data.

AttendView Clock Improvements
The AttendVeiw Clock buttons and text resize with the AVClock window.
There are more sorting options for the AttendView clock display. The AttendView Clock employee status icons can be configured to be displayed full size, resize to the row height, or crop to the row height.


AttendView 3.63 Changes

Longer message can be left by employees. The messages that can be left by employees can now be 100 characters long (was 50 characters).

The Select Job dialog was updated so that Department and Job number may be typed in. With previous version, the department and job-number had to be selected from a drop-down list. Note: This dialog is displayed when the Seledt Job button is pressed on AttendView Clock.

AttendView 3.61 Changes

Detailed report Job Number column correction. The Detailed and More Detailed report generation was corrected so that the Job Numbers are included (AVReport.exe updated).

AttendView Clock network performance improved. The use of the database AVClock status display was improved. First, if a disk or network error occurs, the error is displayed in the status box rather than in a pop-up window. This prevents numerous pop-up windows from appearing when a network problem persists for a period of time. Second, AVClock was modified to use a separate database interface than the Clock in/out function to improve the performance when multiple instances of AttendView Clock clients are running.

Detailed Job Reports for Selected employee corrected. Detailed and More Detailed Job reports don't generate an error message (error 20515) when a specific employee is selected for the report (AVReport.exe updated).

Job Table in database corrected. The Jobs table in the database file was corrected to include a primary key. For users using the with existing databases not created from the version 3.61, the Job table will need to be updated manually (not required if Jobs are not tracked). This can be done from Access by removing all the Jobs from the Job table. Then changing the Job Number to an auto-incrementing primary key, and then adding all the jobs back to the table.

Select Job Dialog Change. There are new Select Job options in AVClock configuration dialog. The select job dialog previously only had a combo-box for selecting the job.

"Include Department selection in Select Job dialog". If checked, the Select Job dialog will include a drop-down combo-box for the employee to select a department from.

"Include Comments field in Select Job dialog". If checked, the Select Job dialog will include an edit box allowing the employee to enter comments.

Department Column Added to Detailed Time reports. The Detailed Time Report (detailed.rpt) and the More Detailed Time Report (Detailed2.rpt) include a column that display the Department. If the Select Job dialog is not used for selecting the department, this column will display the department to which the employee belonged when clocking in. If the Select Job dialog is used to select a department, the selected department will be displayed in this column.

AttendView 3.5 SP5 Changes

  • Corrects crash when changing user password from User Settings dialog.
  • Change database password function fixed. The database password can now be changed from the file menu of AttendView Tools.
  • Correction to custom rounding calculation. Affected rounding of clock in/out time when custom rounding selected.

AttendView 3.5 SP2 Changes

  • Correct the Job Summary and Job Daily reports.

AttendView 3.5 SP1 Changes

AttendView SP1 corrects the following.

  • The report generator would sometimes crash when closing.
  • After pressing the outside work button, the focus was not returning atutomatically to the clock in/out entry field.


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