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AttendView Clock Troubleshooting

AttendView 4.x error messages and common symptoms are listed in the table below. Find the message or symptom which is the closest match. For general questions, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. If your symptom is not listed here, or you're problem is still not resolved, please visit our support page for other options.

Error Message Procudure
Error Communicating With Server.  TCP Connect Failed in tcp_connect() Refer to AttendView Connection Troubleshooting.
Employee Not Found This indicates that the clock in out code being used in not correct.  Use AttendView tools verify the clock in out code is correct.  Also, check the settings for the employee which specifies if they can use their employee number and/or clock in code.
Database is not accessible Run AttendView Server Admin on the AttendView Server computer.  Verify that the database path is correct. If it is correct, it is likely that the AttendView service doesn't have sufficient permission to access the database. Open the services panel (Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services), and go to the AttendView Timeclock Server properties and set the 'Log on as' to a specific account with sufficient permissions to access the database.
User Authentication Failed Verify that the user and password fields on the AVClock connection setup are correct.  These should match a valid user in the User Settings list.  To see the list of users, run AVTools on the AVServer computer.  The user doesn’t need any special permission for connecting with AVClock.
Client clock out of sync - must be with 13 hours of server time The time on the client computer must be within 13 hours of the server time in order to connect successfully.  Correct the time of the client or server computer.
This version of AttendView should be only accessed locally This message is displayed when AttendView is licensed for one computer only (Single Site) and attempting to connect from a second computer.  To upgrade to a network version, contact AttendView.
Demo License has Expired. Please purchase AttendView from www.attendview.com This message indicates that your 30-day free trail has expired.  You can get a license by purchasing AttendView from the AttendView store.  It is possible to extend your trail period if you contact AttendView.
Database is locked by another computer (AVServer computer) Try stopping and restarting the AttendView Server.  This can be done using the AttendView Server Admin.
Symptom Procudure
No Employees Displayed in AVClock Check the AVClock settings – click on the system menu (the small clock icon in the upper left) and select Config.  Verify that one or more departments are selected for display (in the upper portion of the configuration form).  Run AttendView tools and verify that there are employees in the database.
Unable to login to AV Tools The login is case sensitive. Make sure you use the correct case when entering the user name and password. You can also try the using the initial login (user: admin, password: {blank}). If you are still unable to login, have someone with user settings permission change your login from the user settings dialog. If your login is the only one with user settings permission, and you are unable to login, you can open the database file with MS Access and remove the password for your user in the user settings table. Note: If asked for a password when opening MS Access, refer here for instructions on setting the password. If you are still unable to retrieve your password, contact attendview@csts.com for assistance.

The initial login for a new database or for the sample database is as follows. 

User name: admin (or administrator)

Password: admin (for eariler version of AttendView, leave blank)
"Can not lock file" displayed when starting AttendView tools. This error occurs when AttendView is run on multiple computers and the computer doesn't have sufficient permission on the database file. AttendView needs read, write and create permission on both the MDB file and the LDB file. Make permissions are adequate for accessing the database.

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"Unable to open database file" displayed when starting AttendView Tools AttendView is configured to use a database file that doesn’t exist. It could be that a mapped networked drive is no longer mapped due to a network problem. Locate the database file with the file open dialog that appears after the message is closed. If necessary re-map the network drive. 
Menu options disabled when running AttendView Tools Most likely you logged in as a user who does not have permission to use all the AttendView functions. Ask the administrator (or whoever has permission for the User Settings dialog) to give you access to the functions that you need. 
AttendView does not start automatically Under the windows service manager verify that "AttendView Time-Clock Server" is set to "Startup Type = Automatic". 


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