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New In Version 4.0

New client server model

The AttendView server provides status to the AttendView Clock clients and receives clock in/out requests.

Low bandwidth requirement
AVClock can even be used over a dialup connection

Deters Cheating
The chance of employees cheating is reduced because the clock in/out is performed by the server

Automatic Database Backup, Purge and Compress
The AttendView server can be configured to periodically backup, purge and compress the employee data.

New In Version 3.63

Version 3.63 is a minor update. Refer to the Updates page for the revision details.

New Features in Version 3.5
Version 3.5 was the last major update to AttendView. The new features are summarized below.

Complete compatibility with Access. All of the data is stored in an MS Access format database (compatible with Access XP, 2000 and 97). Access users can also change the database password using Access if desired.

Flexible new clock in/out policies added. A snap in policy allows an employee to clock in early but not be on the clock until the scheduled start time. With the auto-lunch policy a lunch break can be automatically applied per the employee's schedule when clocking out at the end of the shift. Each policy can be applied to an employee, department or entire company.

The time is now displayed in hours and minutes. This applies to reports, AV Clock and the clock data editor. Most users had expressed that hours and minutes format was preferred over fractional hours.

The clock data editor is updated. The clock data editor now includes more information including: the actual clock in/out time (before any policies or manual editing), the policy that was automatically applied (if any), the paid break/non-paid break status and more. The editor is now resizable and uses alternating colors so data from different days are easily differentiated.

International time and date settings are supported. AttendView 3.5 uses the computers time and date settings for displaying time and date values.

The Detailed Report includes messages left by employees. Messages that employees leave using AV Clock are recorded in the database with the clock data. They can be seen in the Clock Data Editor and are in the detailed time report.

Skins can be applied. The appearance of AttendView Clock and AttendView tools can be changed by applying one of the included skins or downloading a skin.

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