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AttendView Clock Connection Troubleshooting

Below are the instructions for troubleshooting problems with AttendView Clock 4.x connecting to the AttendView server. A connection problem is usually indicated by a message that reads, "Error Communicating With Server.  TCP Connect Failed in tcp_connect()". If you have other symptoms, refer to the AttendView troubleshooting page.

  1. Is AttendView installed on one computer only (Single Site)?  If yes, go to step 8.
  2. Does AVClock connect successfully when run on the AVServer?  If not, go to step 8.
  3. Does AVClock work on some computers?  If yes, go to step 5.
  4. AVClock Works on Server, not on Clients
    On the AVServer computer, check if a firewall is blocking connections.  If the computer is using a firewall, configure the firewall to allow AVServer to accept TCP connections on the configured port (use AVServer Admin to check settings).  If still not working, continue with step 5.
  5. AVClock works on the Server and is not working one or more clients
    Verify that the AVServer computer can be reached from the client computer.  Use PING to test this.  If the AVServer replies, continue with step 6.  If no replies are received, it’s a network problem – correct the network problem. 
  6. Check the connection settings.  Verify that the computer name or IP address matches that of the AVServer computer (on the AVServer computer, can be used).  Verify that the port matches that of the AVServer.  Verify that the Path is blank and the ‘Use SSL’ checkbox is blank (unless AVRouter is installed to allow secure remote access over the internet).
  7. Still not working?  Contact AttendView support.
  8. AVClock not working on AVServer
    Verify that the AVServer is running.  Run AVServer admin on the AVServer computer.  If it is not running, click on Start Service.  If AttendView was just installed, you might need to reboot the computer.
  9. Check the connection settings (as described in step 6). If still not working, continue with step 10.
  10. AVClock not working on AVServer, service is running
    Check the application event log.  AVServer may indicate in the event log useful information.  Or, run the AVServer from the command line – any errors will be displayed on the screen.
  11. AVServer may indicate that it doesn’t have permission to access the database file.  This can be corrected by moving the database from a networked driver to a local drive, or by changing AVServer to use a specified account rather than system account.  This is done from the Services panel (in the Control Panel).
  12. If AVClock on the server computer still can’t connect, contact AttendView support.


Firewall Configuration

If you have a firewall on your AttendView server, you may need to configure your firewall to allow the AttendView Server (AVServer.exe) to accept TCP connections. The default port used by AttendView is 8097.


Firewall Settings for Window XP Firewall

If you are using the firewall that comes with Windows XP (or if you are using Windows XP and unsure if you are using the firewall), follow the instruction below to configure the firewall.

Right-click on My Network Places on your desktop and select properties (or double-click on the Network Connections icon in the Control Panel).

Right-click on the Local Area Connection icon and select properties (or double-click on the Local Area Connection icon and click on the properties button)..

The Local Area Connection Properties dialog will be displayed. Click on the Advanced tab.

Click on the Windows Firewall Settings button.

If the firewall is not on, AttendView Server should work without changes, but you may consider enabling the firewall, particularly if you have no other firewall installed and if you are connected to the internet.

Click on the Exceptions Tab.

If there is already a Program/Service in the list called AVServer, click on AVServer and then click on Edit. Otherwise, click on Add Port.

Enter the name and port and select TCP as shown below.

Click on OK on the Add/Edit port dialog, on the Windows Firewall dialog and the Local Area Connections dialog.

Run the AttendView Server Admin and press the restart service button (if the button for restarting the service is not enabled, then AttendView is configured to run as an application, restart the computer instead).


Using the ping command

To verify that you can reach the AttendView Server computer from a client computer, it is possible to use the ping command.

Click on Start, and Run. Type cmd (on Windows 98 type command) in the edit box and press OK. A console window will open. Type ping followed by a space and the name or the IP address of the AttendView Server computer. Press Enter. If there is a connection to the entered IP address or name, you should get replies. If you get timeouts reported, then there is no connection - verify that the IP address or name is valid, and check the network connections. Type exit and press the Enter key to close the console window.

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