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AttendView Web-Based Client

What is AttendView Web-Based Client?

AttendView Web-Based Client was developed to allow access to the AttendView Clock from various operating systems and to overcome the need to install a client application.  This only replaces the clock version at this time and you will need to use AttendView tools to edit company data or run reports.

Having a web based client also means that the clock is now accessible via any mobile browser as well.  This allows mobile users to access the clock from anywhere in the world (*Note 1 for more info) or just from within the office when they're away from their desk.  Managers can quickly see who's in or out and employees can quickly check if they've forgotten to clock in or out without having to go back to their desk.

How much is it?

Absolutely nothing!  We've developed and released this as a free add on for our customers.  All we ask in return is that you let us know what you think and report any bugs found.


You must be a current license holder of the AttendView Network version as this addon will permit access to your AttendView clock from mutiple computers. Please note that using this with AttendView Single Site is a violation of the End User License Agreement.

Where to Start?

  1. Ensure that you have the prerequisites listed below.
  2. Download the current version listed below.
  3. Extract the downloaded zip file. (*Note 4 for more info)
  4. Edit the file includes/config.php (Only change the configuration connection portion to match your AttendView Settings)
  5. If you are running this on a machine that DOES NOT have AttendView installed you must complete the following.  (If the machine has AttendView installed you may skip this step.)
    1. Click Start
    2. Click Run
    3. type regsvr32 "<path where you unzipped>\av4.dll"
      If completed successfully you should see:
      DLL Register
  6. Run mongoose-2.8.exe (if you are running this on a machine that has a web server you may skip this step)
    You may see the following screen, click unblock to allow mongoose access through the windows firewall.
    Windows Firewall Warning
  7. Open your web browser and navigate to (*Note 2 for more info)
  8. You should see the following if accessing from the desktop
    Main Screen
    or the following from an iPhone or any other webkit browser (*Note 3 for more info)
    mobile AV   Mobile AV 2
  9. That's it, your done!  Make a note of this machine's IP address and you can access this page from any machine on the network or around the world! (*Note 1 for more info)


  • AttendView 4.0 or greater (Has not been tested on earlier versions, but may work)
  • An always on Windows machine. (You can use the same machine running the AttendView Server or the Clock)


Download Now - Version 1.2.7 (6.1MB)

Notes and others

Notes - Help and other tips
Glossary - Common terms used on this page and their explanation.
Known Issues - Issues that we have identified with the application and their current status
Bugs - If you discover a bug or problem not listed under Known Issues, or just want to contact/comment


  1. Access from anywhere requires either a VPN setup or for the AttendView server to be exposed to the outside network.  Both options have their pros and cons and should be setup by an IP professional.  AttendView does not offer any assistance or support with either of these technologies.
  2. may look like a confusing number, but breaking it down explains whats going on. is the local IP number of this machine and 8080 is the port the web server is listening on.  If you are running your own web server such as IIS and you skipped step 5, then this port number will be different.  I will likely be 80, but you should consult with your network administrator to be sure. 

    Should you want to access this page from another machine on the network, you will need to know it's IP.  For that see the Wiki How article at http://www.wikihow.com/Find-the-IP-Address-of-Your-PC or watch the video below:
  3. The screenshots above are running on an iPhone 3G with OS 3.1.2 with the AttendView Web-Based Client being launched via a homescree icon.  Doing this allows for the web page to occupies the entire screen and present a more unified interface.  If you choose to access the page through Safari then you would see the same image as above but with the navigation bar at the bottom and the standard blue top bar.

    Even though these images our on an iPhone, many other smartphones have webkit based browsers.  The page should look the same on all webkit browsers.  Blackberry and Windows Mobile phones may display the page slightly different and functionality has not been tested.
  4. If your running your own web server such as IIS or Apache for windows you'll want to place the unzipped files to a subdirectory under the root folder.  You'll want to let users know that subdirectory so that they can navigate to the AttendView Web-Client.  You'll also want to make them aware if your running the server on anything other than 80 as the user will need to enter that after the IP.
  5. The clock data will autoreload every few seconds.  The frequency of reloading depends on how often the data changes on the server and may fluctuate.  Should you want to stop reloading the data click the "Stop reloading data!" link at the bottom of the clock.
  6. Employees with lines under their name indicate a message.  Move your mouse cursor over the name and within a few seconds the message will popup.


Known Issues (to be fixed for next release)

Mobile Client:

  • When employees on an outside job shows, the word "Outside Job" shows up twice.
  • Leaving a message causes clock data to be off for the remained of the week. Leaving a message adds hours to the employees times.

Bug Reporting

Submit a bug report or comment
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