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AttendView 4.4 Software Installation Instructions

The following instructions outline the different installation types.  Select the installation type that best matches your needs for more detailed instructions. If you haven't downloaded AttendView you can download it from this page.


AttendView 4.4 Requires Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2003 / 2000


Installation Types

Choose an AttendView installation type and install the AttendView Software

Stand Alone (Express Setup).  Choose this installation type if AttendView is to be used on one computer only.  This is a good option if you don’t have at local area network or if you are looking for an inexpensive option.

Network Installation.  Chose this installation type if you wish to run AttendView from multiple computers, or if you want the AttendView server running on a separate computer than the AttendView Client.  The AttendView server can be any computer on your network that is running Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0 or 98.  Remote access from the Internet can be configured later if desired.  Refer to instructions for AttendView Server installation and AttendView Client installation.

Network Installation accessible from the Internet.  The installation procedures for installing AttendView with access to an AttendView Clock over the internet are the the same as installing AttendView for use on a local network, with the additional step of installing a router script. The router script allows the messages to go through you web-server's port 80 and allow the use of SSH encryption. For additional information on this type installtion refer to the AttendView help file.


Configuring the AttendView Database

Once you’ve installed AttendView software your ready to configure the AttendView database for your company.  It is assumed that at this point your AttendView Clock can connect to the AttendView Server. 


AttendView Server Installation

The AttendView Server components include the AttendView Server, the AttendView Server Admininistrator.

Requirements: Windows 7/ Vista / XP / 2003 / 2000

The procedures here are for configuring AttendView to be used on a local network.  Refer also to the AttendView Help File for for information on allowing AVClock access the server over the internet.


Selecting a computer for the AttendView server

The computer which runs the AttendView server software should be at least a Pentium II class computer.  If you wish to print reports or use AttendView Tools from other computers on you local network, they should have access to a shared folder on the AttendView Server where the database will be located.  A shared folder is not needed if only AttendView Clock is to be used on other computers.  If you are concerned about employees cheating the system, it should not be in an unattended location accessible to unauthorized persons.

AttendView Server Installation Procedure

1.      Start the AttendView4.4.exe installation and select Server. Follow the on-screen instructions until you come to the Server Port configuration form.

Server Configuration Dialog

2.      Specify the Server Port – if unsure which port to use, the default of 8097 most likely will work fine.

3.      Press OK.

Server Port Configuration


Server Administration

4.  Launch the AttendView Server Administration (AVAdmin) on the AttendView Server.

Note: The default password is admin

5.  If there is an error communicating with the server, see the AttendView Connection Troubleshooting.

6.  To configure automatic backup use the Configure Backup link

AttendView Server Configuration


AttendView Client Installation

The AttendView Client software includes the AttendView Clock and AttendView Tools.  The following are the requirements for installing the AttendView Client.


  • Windows Vista / 7 / XP / 2003 / 2000
  • Access to an AttendView Server.  This can be on a local network or over the internet.  If the AttendView Client is to connect over the internet, the AttendView Server must be setup to allow connections over the internet.  Refer to the AttendView Help File for more information on configuring the server for remote access.

Installation Procedure

1. Start the AttendView4.4.exe installation and select Client. Follow the on-screen instructions until you come to the AttendView Client Configuration form.

AttendView Client Configuration

2. Click on the Find Server button. If a server is displayed, click on the server name/ip address, click on Select and skip to step 4.

3. If a server is not found, it may be that the server is AttendView 4.3 or older, the server is not currently accessible over the network, or your network doesn't allow broadcast messages to reach the server (as would be the case if you are connecting to the server through the internet).

The AttendView 4.4 client will work with any AttendView 4.x server, but the AttendView 4.4 server is required for the Find Server feature to work.

AttendView will work event though a router on the network is blocking broadcast messages. This just means the Find Server feature can't be used on the clients.

When the server is not found, you have the following options.

Option 1: If the server is an older version, update the server to AttendView 4.4 before installing the Client.

Option 2: If the server is not currently accessible over the network, correct the network problem before continuing with the client installation.

Option 3: Configure manually. Press Cancel on the find server dialog and manually enter the name (or IP Adress) and Port number of the AttendView Server. The port would be 8097 if the default was used.

4. Do not change the User Name and Password fields unless you know that this has been configured differently on the server. If this needs to be chaned, it can easily be done after installing.

4. Start AttendView Clock from the Start Menu (Start-Programs-AttendView-AttendView Clock) or from the Icon on the desktop.  Verify that the employee status is displayed.

If there was an error communicating with the server (as might happen if the User Name or Password needs to be corrected), see the AttendView 4.0 Connection Troubleshooting.

5. Configure the AttendView Clock to select which departments to display and set display preferences.


Updating the Registration License

To update the registration license, open the AttendView Server Administration (AVAdmin) on the AttendView Server (if Stand-Alone, on the computer with AttendView).

Note: The default password is admin

Click the Update License link. Paste the license key into the license key text box and press OK.




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